About Rob Bowman

My name is Robert M. Bowman Jr., and I generally go by the name Rob. I am an evangelical Christian biblical scholar and apologist (the two are not mutually exclusive!), married with four children, serving since 2008 as the executive director of the Institute for Religious Research (IRR) located in Cedar Springs, Michigan. In the far right column under “All Rob’s Links” you can find me and my work on various other websites including IRR.org, Facebook, and more.

3 Responses to About Rob Bowman

  1. Lance Quinn says:


    Thanks. I look forward to hearing more of your perspectives on various biblical topics. Sincerely,

    Lance Quinn

  2. Jonathan Van Ryn says:


    How do I get ahold of the apologetics mp3 courses which I found on some website a few years ago? I’ll pay! I just want to know how to get them.

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