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“Temple of Solomon” and Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon: A Response to Robert Boylan (re-post)

Note: This post originally appeared on October 1, 2016, on IRR’s Religious Researcher blog, which no longer exists (in that form). In a recent online article, I explained that the expression temple of Solomon (using the prepositional phrase of Solomon … Continue reading

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Doubling Down on Diversionary Polemics: Robert Boylan’s Response on Moroni’s Move

As I expected, Boylan issued a hasty “response” to the previous post in which he failed to address any of the substantive issues I presented there. Instead, he engaged in a poorly done tu quoque (“you too”) fallacious argument. First, … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palmer and the First Vision: Doing Research Mormon Apologists Won’t Do

Serious historical investigation of the First Vision, Joseph Smith’s story of seeing the Father and the Son in the spring of 1820, properly focuses on Joseph’s own multiple accounts of the vision as well as the other accounts from Joseph’s … Continue reading

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The Light Analogy, Theological Method, and the Doctrine of the Trinity

In 2010 I participated in a lengthy online written debate entitled “The Great Trinity Debate” with a Christadelphian named David Burke. I presented a defense of Trinitarianism and Burke defended Unitarianism (of the “Biblical Unitarian” variety). A few days after … Continue reading

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